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Why Choose a Board-Certified Orthodontist?

Reports show that only 33% of orthodontists have gotten the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) doctor certification. This means that only one out of three orthodontists take the voluntary step and decide to put in the extra hours of training to get certified. Getting certified or recertified is optional, and the doctor can perform the required services without the board certification.

However, being certified shows the commitment and passion an orthodontist has for their work. Board certification is the last step in the long and comprehensive educational journey they have to undertake. For a certification, they need to go through intensive extra study and training hours. They then have to test to show they have the skills, knowledge, and expertise to provide premium care to their patients.

How to Get the Certification

For an orthodontist to get certified, they need to pass a set of written and clinical exams. The board also reviews all the candidates’ credentials. Once the orthodontist passes these exams they need to get recertified every ten years.

Objectives of the ABO

The American Board of Orthodontists is the most prestigious and oldest organization in dentistry, founded in 1929. This board’s primary purpose is to elevate the orthodontia practice standards and educate the public about the aims and goals to protect the public from irresponsible and unqualified orthodontists. The main objectives are as listen below.

  • The board promotes and encourages certification expertise across the world, not only in the United States.
  • They help support and develop quality graduate, postgraduate, and continuing education programs in orthodontics.
  • They administer recertification exams throughout the diplomate’s career to evaluate their clinical knowledge and skills.
  • They conduct examinations and give time-limited certifications to determine the graduates’ knowledge and clinical skills of accredited orthodontic programs.

What It Means To Be Board Certified

Being a board-certified orthodontist, also referred to as a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics, means their peers have evaluated them to test their knowledge and clinical skills. The orthodontist’s job is more than straightening out your teeth. They also are supposed to understand the complexity of the growth and development of the facial form. Additionally, they are required to understand the jaw movement and bite, not just the teeth alignment.

This is why orthodontist spends more time getting the highly competitive orthodontic program to learn how to perfect their abilities and skills. Many dentists may offer you essential orthodontic treatments, but they don’t have the required expertise.

This is why you should consider a board-certified orthodontist like Dr. Swan of Swan Orthodontics. She has the highest patient care level, including a comprehensive treatment approach that will ensure you get the best services and high-level care.