With patient care at the center of everything we do at Swan Orthodontics, we’re staying on the leading edge of orthodontic technology to provide the most accurate, efficient, and comfortable care for you and your loved ones. Our digital tools allow us to create highly detailed models and images of the jaws and teeth, which improve diagnosis and treatment options throughout the orthodontic process.

High-Definition 3D X-Rays

Although useful in their time, standard X-ray procedures have many drawbacks in comparison to today’s technology. Using the i-Cat 3D radiograph device, we can make a complete image of the mouth, jaw, sinuses, and TMJ (temporomandibular joint) while patients are comfortably seated in an open space.

The i-Cat machine emits less radiation than other digital X-rays, and is noted exposing patients to less radiation than a day at the beach! It provides our team with more accurate images than ever before, and allows us to manipulate them in a digital 3-D environment. We can see your bones, tissue, airways, all in 3-D!

In addition, this scan can reveal airway restrictions that could be causing sleep apnea as well as symptoms of TMJ disorders that Dr. Swan can aid in detecting.

Digital Scanning and Printing

The days of having goopy impressions are over at Swan Orthodontics, thanks to advances in 3D imaging and printing technology. By creating a thorough 3-D digital scan with the iTero Element 2, we can create a shareable digital file that can be instantly sent to our interna 3-D printers or external labs including Invisalign. These 3-D images replace the models made from impressions. We can make custom appliances off of them, or use them to compare tooth positionings throughout treatment.

When we make appliances in-house, we print these 3-D models with our 3-D printer, the SprintRay Pro! These 3-D models can be used to make retainers and other custom appliances.

We give our patient’s their 3-D printed teeth at the end of treatment for when a replacement retainer is needed. This allows our patients to obtain replacements as fast as possible at a discounted fee.