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Best Age for Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign treatment is the proprietary method that uses a series of clear and removable teeth to align teeth instead of metal braces. The aligners are worn on the teeth, and since they are clear, they are barely visible, making them more comfortable. Even though there are a few age requirements, the popular myth that there is an age restriction or limit is not valid. As long as the patient has their permanent, adult teeth, you can wear them anytime.

What Is the Age Limit for Invisalign Treatment?

Part of the Invisalign treatment requires you to wear a set of aligners for at least twenty hours a day for two weeks. After that, your orthodontist will give you another set. Unlike traditional metal braces, aligners can be removed when you want to eat or drink something. The only challenge is the fact that having them in your mouth for a long time can be uncomfortable. Therefore, a person has to be mature enough to maintain this routine.

What is the Most Appropriate age for Invisalign?

No age limit is set for the Invisalign procedure. It can be done at any phase of life, be it childhood, teenage, or adulthood. However, due to the commitment issues, several dentists recommend braces for children rather than Invisalign.

What is the Youngest Age for Invisalign?

Braces can be prescribed to children as young as seven years. The visibility of the braces might make them feel uncomfortable. Parents can also get concerned when their children wear braces all the time. Will they be eating like before? What will their friends or family say? Will they be ridiculed? Invisalign aligners can be of great relief in such a scenario.

Invisalign treatment requires extra care and attention from everyone involved: the dentist, parents, and the child. The child has the most significant responsibility since they cannot be monitored all around the clock as parents have other things to attend to. Therefore, parents have to ensure that the child is ready to take care of themselves even at an early age. The parent and dentists should see to it that the child understands the importance of the treatment and can stick to the routine. A mature child will make the whole process easier and successful.

Invisalign for Seven-Year-Old Children

Teeth problems can affect a child’s physique and general health. Activities such as eating, drinking, smiling, and talking can be affected. Dentists may recommend early treatment for misaligned teeth. If left unattended to, the child might feel unsettled or lose confidence in themselves. The earlier it is done, the better. A child with both baby and permanent teeth can also be treated. The best part of it is that it doesn’t tamper with their oral care routine.

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As we have seen, the most efficient remedy for crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth is the virtually invisible Invisalign treatment. You will be able to achieve a better smile within three months of treatment. Why not give it a try? Schedule an Invisalign consultation at Swan Orthodontics by calling our office or contacting us online.