Complete Your Treatment On-Time

We want to ensure that you get out of treatment as quickly as possible with minimal delay, to encourage this, you can:

  1. Never miss your appointments
  2. Clean your teeth adequately
  3. Avoid things that damage or break your braces
  4. Wear your appliances as Dr. Swan prescribes


Earn Wooden Nickels

To encourage excellent habits throughout treatment, we have a wooden nickel incentive program in place. Patients can receive up to four wooden nickels at each visit.

  • 1 for brushing and flossing well
  • 1 for having no damaged or broken appliances
  • 1 for wearing your Swan Orthodontics t-shirt
  • 1 for wearing removable appliances as recommended

You can trade your nickels in for prizes at any time!



Prizes include:

  • 8¬†nickels: Pick a prize from the bottom two shelves of our prize cabinet (card games, stuffed animals, Legos)
  • 15 nickels: $10 gift card or anything from the middle shelf of the prize cabinet
  • 25 nickels: $20 gift card
  • 40 nickels: $50 gift card
  • 50 nickels: A pass to Michigan's Adventure or Cedar Point

You can get more wooden nickels for other achievements (refer a friend who starts treatment, have a slip signed at your annual cleaning appointment with your dentist, participate in office dress-up days and much more).

We expect to have fun with this, and hope it encourages our patients to show the necessary effort and cooperation that enables them to have their braces removed on time!