Complete Your Treatment On-Time

We want to ensure that you get out of treatment as quickly as possible with minimal delay, to encourage this, you can:

  1. Never miss your appointments
  2. Clean your teeth adequately
  3. Avoid things that damage or break your braces
  4. Wear your appliances as Dr. Swan prescribes


Wooden Nickel Incentive Program

During treatment, you'll get the chance to earn wooden nickels. This program rewards those patients with excellent hygiene and cooperation and encourages patients to take care of their braces.


Earn Wooden Nickels at Each Appointment

 Earn one Wooden Nickel for each of the following (up to 4 per appointment):

  • Oral Hygiene (brushing & flossing) is graded as excellent or good.
  • No damaged, lost or broken appliances.
  • Excellent compliance if you are wearing elastics or a retainer.
  • Wearing your Swan Ortho t-shirt.

You can trade your nickels in for prizes at any time!


Earn Bonus Wooden Nickels

  • Have your teeth cleaned at your dentist’s office (2 nickels per cleaning)
  • The dentist or hygienist must verify that you had a cleaning. Bring a note or receipt from your appointment. (Limit 4 nickels per year)
  • Refer a friend who starts treatment with us (one handful of nickels)
  • Have a regularly scheduled appointment on your birthday (1 nickel)
  • Connect with us on Facebook (1 nickel per Facebook account)



Prizes include:

  • 8 nickels: Choose a prize from the first and second shelf in the prize cabinet (new prizes added all the time!)
  • 15 nickels: Pick a fun prize from the third shelf in the cabinet – $10 gift cards (selection may vary)
  • 35 nickels: $25 gift card (selection may vary - ask the front desk for details!)
  • 65 nickels: $50 gift card (selection may vary)
  • 65 nickels: 1 Cedar Point or 1 Michigan Adventure Pass (based on seasonal availability)

We expect to have fun with this, and hope it encourages our patients to show the necessary effort and cooperation that enables them to have their braces removed on time!