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Your Survival Guide to Wearing Braces

What can you say about braces? Some people look forward to getting them, while others dread the thought of walking around with a mouth full of metal. And even if you opt for clear aligners, like Invisalign, the process can seem overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are ways to survive wearing braces or aligners. Here are some tips and tricks that to help make straightening your teeth as enjoyable as possible.

Stay Away From Certain Foods

The first rule to wearing braces is staying away from certain types of food. As delicious as they are, these foods can cause unnecessary complications or even damage your braces.

These types of foods include:

– Candy such as gum, licorice, and chocolate
– Snacks, like popcorn, pretzels, and chips
– Apples
– Thick rolls
– Meat
– Nuts
– Corn

The reason why apples are on this list is because they leave skin and particles behind. These two things are difficult enough to get out of your teeth without braces. The same holds true for popcorn and corn. The outer shell or kernels can easily get stuck in your teeth.

Keeping your braces clean is important, so it’s better avoid food that makes the process more difficult. Furthermore, eating foods such as hard rolls, gum, and other foods that require chewing can also damage to your braces. Doing so may cause the wires in your braces to come loose or a bracket to break off.

If this happens, Dr. Kathryn Swan of Swan Orthodontics can repair them for you. You should never try to fix the braces by yourself. You might accidentally cause further damage or completely break the braces. Leave it to the professionals instead.

Lessen the Pain and Discomfort

Getting braces for the first time can cause some discomfort. The first week or so may be uncomfortable due to the irritation and tenderness caused by the braces. This is a common complaint among many wearers. However, any discomfort usually resolves in a few days.

Using ice packs or eating frozen food can help to numb the pain quickly. Irritation and tenderness is mostly caused by one of the wires rubbing against your gums. Dental wax can be a relatively quick fix to this issue. It’s also best if you stay away from drinks that are acidic, such as coffee and various types of juice. The acidic nature can cause the irritation to become more severe. Limit consumption and ask about alternatives drinks that replace sugary juices to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

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Getting braces may not be something you’re looking forward to going through, but it’s worth it when the results lead to a bigger and brighter smile. If you’re looking to get braces or have any questions or concerns about the process of straightening your teeth, contact Swan Orthodontics today. To make an appointment, call 616-698-2323 or request a free consultation online.