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What is a Bite Turbo?

Orthodontists have used bite turbos for decades to improve your bite and jaw alignment. Bite turbos are small brackets glued onto the back surfaces of your front teeth. These are used to prevent you from biting off your lower brackets due to a deep bite.

Orthodontists most commonly use bite turbos because they work well to correct the bite or to prevent damage due to biting or applying pressure to brackets in patients who have braces.

What is a Bite Turbo?

A Bite Turbo is a type of orthodontic device used to help move teeth into the right position. They are small L-shaped or triangular devices that are attached to the back of the teeth to prevent contact or an incorrect bite. These are used in patients who have braces, as bite turbos can prevent damage to the braces and teeth and allow for faster progress.

How Does a Bite Turbo Work?

A Bite Turbo works by blocking incorrect bites and preventing excess pressure on the teeth or braces. This method has proven to be a very effective way to treat dental problems such as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite and prevent bruxism.

How Long Do You Wear a Bite Turbo?

The duration of time you wear your Bite Turbo depends on the severity of your case. Small changes can be made relatively quickly, but it may take quite a while to obtain the desired results for more serious issues. The duration and intensity of the Bite Turbo treatment will vary for each patient.

How Much Do Bite Turbos Cost?

Bite turbos are included in the cost of treatment, as they are necessary in many cases to obtain a great result.

Are There Any Risks?

Bite Turbos are very safe to use. Most commonly, patients will experience speech issues or chewing issues as they get used to their bite turbos. Soreness is also common as with any other orthodontic device. This can be treated with over-the-counter pain medicine such as Tylenol and should subside within a few days.

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Bite Turbos are very effective in correcting many dental problems. For more information, please read our Bite Turbos and Pillows Guide. You are encouraged to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your options with our experienced staff. Contact us online or call our office at (616) 698-2323 to get started.