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The Functional Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

While straight teeth are aesthetically pleasing, they also provide you with many other benefits. The following are the benefits you can receive from straightening your teeth with braces or Invisalign treatment:

You Will Enjoy a Healthier Lifestyle

The teeth appear to be a small part of your overall health, but they are much more than that. If you are proud of how your teeth look and they give you an extra amount of confidence, you will begin to take better care of your teeth and the rest of your body. Also, because teeth straightened with braces or Invisalign is an investment, you are more likely to want to protect the results that orthodontic treatment gives you.

Straight Teeth Make a Better First Impression

There is no better way to make a great first impression than to flash a perfect smile. Your smile lets everyone know you. If you have straight teeth behind your smile, people will see that you are happy, confident, and open to the world.

Straight Teeth Cost Less Money

While braces and Invisalign are an investment, not straightening your teeth can lead to more costly procedures in the future. When your teeth are straight, they are less likely to chip and crack. You are less likely to experience temporomandibular disorder, cavities, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. If you need fillings, root canals, or crowns, these procedures can easily add up to more than the cost of braces.

Brushing and Flossing Your Teeth Will Be Easier

Crooked or crowded teeth are difficult to clean with a toothbrush and dental floss. You may not be able to brush effectively or floss when your teeth overlap. With this being the case, your teeth are more likely to decay, and it is also more likely that periodontal disease will develop.

Chewing Your Food Will Be Easier

For proper digestion, you need to have properly aligned teeth. Misaligned teeth fail to meet up correctly, and when you are chewing, your teeth do not allow you to reduce your food to a point where your digestive system can easily digest it. The food particles may be too large to be broken down, and this leads to other health problems. In addition, the inability to chew can lead you to avoid eating several foods, including low-fat proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Therefore, your teeth could keep you from eating healthy foods.

You Will Have a Smile on Your Face More Often

If you are happy with the way that your teeth look, you will be more likely to present them to the world. This is not a small advantage. When you smile, you increase endorphins, and you feel better. Smiling also lowers your stress levels and lowers your blood pressure as well.

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