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Understanding Different Types of Bracket Bonding

Bracket bonding is a fundamental part of orthodontic treatment. Without it, the wire in your braces would not be connected to the tooth and therefore would not be able to move and realign the teeth. When it comes to indirect and direct bracket bonding, Dr. Swan’s treatment can be customized to meet the needs of each patient by utilizing both types of bonding with your braces.

What is Bracket Bonding?

Bracketing is the technique used in dental braces to straighten teeth by applying pressure to the outside of an archwire placed on the molars. The pressure exerted on one side of the wire, caused by a Velcro-like material that attaches to brackets fitted onto each tooth, produces an opposing force and moves the wire to adjust its shape. This provides a supportive structure for the archwire. Brackets are usually made of stainless steel, gold, or a combination of both. The choice of material is based on cost and durability requirements.

Indirect vs. Direct Bracket Bonding

All brackets are designed for use in two distinct modes: direct and indirect. In direct bracket bonding, a bracket is bonded directly to a tooth. In indirect bracket bonding, the bracket is bonded to a tooth by applying pressure to the outer surface of an archwire placed on an opposing tooth.

Brackets that are designed for direct attachment function properly when placed on a tooth that has no opposing tooth. Brackets that perform properly on opposing teeth are considered indirect brackets. If a bracket is not bonded directly to both tooth surfaces, it is considered an indirect bracket.

In the indirect bracket system, brackets are attached to the opposing teeth with a link. This connection provides support for the archwire and forces it to move on an opposing tooth in order to correct its shape. In essence, the brackets act as a double pair of shears that exert force on opposing teeth.

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The Swanson Orthodontic family takes pride in being able to offer individualized care for each patient. They want patients to be aware that they are a part of their care team by making appointments comfortable and by informing them of all procedures beforehand. To learn more about bracket bonding watch our bracket bonding video, then Schedule a free consultation online or call our office at (616) 698-2323.