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Orthodontics for Adults

More and more adults wish they had a confident smile. Believe it or not, adult braces are not uncommon. The American Association of Orthodontists reports that one out of every five orthodontic patients nationwide is over the age 21.

Adults today are getting treatment for a number of reasons. Deciding on braces or aligners may be about getting the straight teeth and great smile you’ve always wanted, or it might correct something that’s become an orthodontic issue. While it may seem like it’s too late to get the smile you have always wanted, it’s not!

What To Expect

It may not be possible to address skeletal problems without surgical intervention in adults, but it’s always effective tooth movement always gets results. Whatever your issue, we can walk you through the best way to address your concerns in a way that fits your life. At Swan Orthodontics we’re ready to help – no matter your root cause.

During your first consultation, we’ll discuss why you decided on orthodontic work, any issues you may have while working with you to develop a plan that fits your everyday life. We see a wide range of patients – from those who had braces as a child and are looking to touch up their smile to others who are seeking treatment for the first time.

Adults seek orthodontic treatment for a lot of reasons, including:

  • Difficulty chewing due to a bad bite or malocclusion (where teeth don’t align properly)
  • The teeth are too crowded or spaced too widely apart, which can lead to greater tooth decay or even gum disease
  • Jaw pain or painful pressure caused by crooked teeth
  • Wanting healthier mouth and more confident smile

Many adults have had traditional metal braces in the past and would now like to wear customized, comfortable and invisible appliances. Swan Orthodontics offers many types of braces to fit your lifestyle and your needs:

  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear braces
  • Invisible braces
  • Lingual braces— behind the teeth
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Traditional metal braces

Never Too Old For Orthodontic Treatment

There’s no age limit for orthodontic treatment. In fact, more adults than ever before are pursuing more confident smiles. At Swan Orthodontics, we treat adults, and seniors on a regular basis. The basic biological process that allows the teeth to move is about the same in all healthy individuals, regardless of age. It’s never too late to improve the health and appearance of your smile with orthodontics.

Young man in suit with braces

Will Braces Affect My Daily Activities?

Your braces will have little to no impact on your daily work and leisure activities. At first, your teeth will probably feel a bit sensitive as they become accustomed to your new braces, but after that, your life will be much like it was before you got braces. The biggest difference you’ll likely see is that you’ll have to make some changes to your brushing and flossing routine.

Adult Orthodontics Vs. Orthodontics for Children and Teens

Adult jawbones have stopped growing, while children and teens have jawbones that are still developing. There are some other differences too, including:

Gum or Bone Loss (Periodontal Disease) — Adults are more likely have recessed gums or bone loss because of gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Incomplete Orthodontic Treatment in the Past — Some adults wore braces or retainers as teenagers but did not complete their treatment. Now, they would like to finish their treatment and enjoy a healthy smile.

Worn or Missing Teeth — As you age, your teeth can become worn down and begin to shift into different positions which can only be fixed through orthodontic treatment. Adults are also more likely to be missing teeth, which can change the position of the teeth around that space, leading to a bad bite or gum disease.

Our team knows that adults who receive orthodontic treatment at our office have different needs than children do, and we welcome the chance to work with you and develop your treatments.

Why Should Adults Consider Orthodontic Treatment?

Straight teeth make it easier to have healthy teeth. If your teeth are in the correct position, they’re easier to floss and brush. Properly cleaning your teeth means you’re less likely to have gum disease.

Flashing a smile with straight teeth is also a confidence builder. The right orthodontic treatment will give you a better quality of life and help bring confidence to your smile. Untreated problems can get worse. Leaving teeth uncorrected can lead to several long-term problems, like an uneven wear on your teeth.

A healthy smile plays an important role in your daily life, both socially and when it comes to your overall health. Orthodontic treatment can have a very positive impact on your self-confidence. You may find yourself smiling for pictures more, laughing more heartily, and even speaking up and sharing your thoughts and opinions more readily, all because of your increased confidence.

Young black woman smiling with braces

Orthodontic treatment can also have a positive impact on your oral and overall health. Teeth corrected by orthodontic treatments are less likely to become damaged, and they’re easier to clean than misaligned teeth. Easier and a more thorough cleaning can prevent problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, gum disease and bad breath. A properly-aligned bite can also result in less strain on the jaw muscles and joints, better chewing and better digestion.

By correcting your smile now, you might feel the added confidence you need to nail that big presentation you are working on, ask your boss for that raise, or even say hi to the person you have been eyeing in the elevator.

If you’re in the Grand Rapids area, stop by our office in Caledonia or call us today if you’d like to hear more about our adult orthodontic treatments. We’ll work around your schedule when we’re setting your appointment to help make it as convenient as possible for you. The pros of orthodontic work add up – even at a later stage in life – so don’t hesitate to put your confidence and health in our very capable hands.