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Orthodontic Care: No Referral Necessary

When it comes to setting up an appointment with any type of specialist, there’s usually a whole referral process that will have to happen before you can actually be seen. If you’ve been contemplating orthodontic care for your child, you may be wondering how many hoops you’ll have to jump through to get a referral from their dentist first. The answer is: none! Fortunately, most dental insurance plans don’t require a referral, and most orthodontists don’t, either. That means you can request a free consultation with Swan Orthodontics any time you’re ready!

Although you don’t need a dental referral to receive orthodontic care, your child’s dentist still plays an important role in maintaining their oral health. In addition to regularly scheduled check-ups, you may want to have them check your child’s teeth and gums before you go ahead and schedule an orthodontic visit. This helps to ensure that their mouths are healthy enough for any potential treatment they may need.

Early evaluations for children

Most people tend to think of orthodontics in association with teens, but patients of all ages can benefit from an orthodontic evaluation, including children. In fact, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children have their first visit with an orthodontist by around the age of 7. Since most kids this age still have baby teeth and a developing mouth, you may not understand why we encourage them to see an orthodontist so soon. However, these visits are actually an important part of the preventive approach we take to improving oral health.

Because they fall out anyway, it’s easy to dismiss baby teeth as unimportant. But these are the place holders for our permanent teeth, and as such, where they’re located and when they’re lost matters more than you might think. The primary teeth are what set the foundation for the permanent teeth to emerge into their eventual positions. An orthodontic exam in early childhood allows an experienced orthodontist like Dr. Swan to catch any existing or potential problems before they become more serious. This is useful in reducing or eliminating any negative impact on the future permanent teeth.

During an examination, our doctor will be able to see if the proper number of teeth are forming and if they are erupting into the correct locations. She’ll also check for any common orthodontic issues, or signs of them developing. Although the vast majority of children won’t need any treatment at this age, they will still benefit from regular monitoring by an orthodontist.

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Finding the perfect orthodontic fit for your family

If your child’s dentist does refer you to an orthodontist, but a specific one, you may not be sure about what to do if there’s another provider you’d rather see. Don’t worry! You’re always free to choose any orthodontist you feel comfortable with, not just the one you’ve been referred to.

Because you’ll be spending so much time in the orthodontist’s office throughout the treatment process, it’s important to find a provider who is a good fit for your family right up front. Word of mouth can be an amazing tool for this, so don’t be shy about asking family, friends, and coworkers for their recommendations. Getting a personal referral from a satisfied patient is a great first step in finding a practice you love! Reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook can be helpful, too. If you’re still feeling unsure, many orthodontists showcase examples of their work and patient testimonials on their website. You can find ours here and here

Find a provider who can meet all of your family’s orthodontic needs

We know you want to give your child the healthiest smile possible. An initial consultation with our expert team is a great place to start. We work hard to make every visit a positive experience, including an office environment that is warm, friendly, and inviting.  Swan Orthodontics is proud to care for your family from your first appointment here to your last!

“Good hands, good hearts” is our motto here, so you can trust that your entire family will always be treated with compassion, understanding, and respect. We never rush our exams, and each member of our team will do their best to ensure you understand everything about your child’s treatment plan as it progresses. If you do have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to walk you through them to give you peace of mind.

Families these days are busier than ever, and we know what a struggle it can be to fit school, work, extracurricular activities, and orthodontic appointments into your schedule! Our goal is to run on time, so we’re careful not to overload our own calendar with an unrealistic amount of appointments in any given day. We value your time and will always work with you to find appointment times that meet your needs. Once you arrive, we’ll get your child in and out of the chair as quickly and efficiently as possible! 

At Swan Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful, healthy smile. That’s why we offer flexible payment options for every budget. This includes in-office financing and specialized financing through Care Credit, as well as cash, check, and most major credit cards. If you have insurance, we’ll help you maximize the available coverage and file the paperwork with your insurance company. A payment plan can be arranged for the remaining balance.

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No referral needed for a smile by Swan Orthodontics

Whether you find us through a dental referral, a personal recommendation, or an online review, you can count on Swan Orthodontics to provide your family with nothing but the highest level of orthodontic care and customer service. That begins with a complimentary consultation in our Caledonia office!

During this initial consultation, your child will receive a full orthodontic evaluation by Dr. Swan. We’ll then discuss the results of that examination with you, and explain the customized treatment plan we’ve created for their specific needs. We offer a variety of treatment options to treat orthodontic issues from mild to complex, and will only recommend the right treatment at the right time, even if that means no treatment or treatment at a later date.

There’s no referral necessary to experience the benefits of orthodontic care with Dr. Swan, so we encourage you to get in touch with us today to schedule a FREE exam for your child!